For most of the summer, I’ve watched Isis just not quite seem right. Whether it was the heat that bothered her or something else (EPM, most likely) that gave her more off days than good ones, one evening in early August she surprised me. My girl was back that evening. She started trotting like she normally does, kinda dragging her toes, not very enthusiastic. And then she stopped and looked at me. Pivoted. Took off at a gallop. I was so happy. For that one day, my girl was back.

Compare that video with the video I took this week of her. Notice how she is moving, especially on her hind quarters. Her back toes drag. She has no energy and isn’t playful. She seems subdued.

Isis in July of last year. The difference in how she looks now and how she looked then is striking.

The good thing is that her insulin resistance has been very well controlled all year so at least that isn’t an issue.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.

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