Good news. Well, kinda good news. Isis’ lameness was caused by an abscess and not by a flareup of her laminitis. The vet’s examination showed a sore spot on Isis’ front right foot. Boy was there a lot of nasty gunk in her foot. No wonder she was so sore.

Isis wll be on bute for 10 days or so and her foot will be wrapped during that time. So she’ll be okay. It was a good thing that we called. Apparently, an episode like that could aggrevate her laminitis, so the important thing is to get the pain under control and take care of things quickly.

The funny thing is that I’m going to be wrapping Isis’ hoof with a diaper, one size above newborn. Have you ever tried to purchase a package of 10-15 diapers? Wal-Mart and CVS only sell diapers in packages of 30-50. She has a diaper supply that will last her for many years now.

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