The vet visit went well today. Both of the girls got their shots. Isis tickled me: quite a few times when I went out of her sight, she would nicker as soon as she saw me. Yup, that’s my kid.

Isis was a model reformed mare — she used to be terrified of vaccinations. Today, she was great (and distracted by horse cookies). It’s taken a few years for her to calm down about vaccinations. I’m just greatful that the years of slamming me into the wall are over. Age or training, who can say?

Rajiyyah was also very good. Horse cookies are such great distractions. My vet was amazed at the marked change in Rajiyyah between the vet’s visits. Rajiyyah has put on weight and muscled out beautifully.

Rajiyyah has been coming around. Really since this past Wednesday. I skipped out on an extra belly dance class to work the kids. It had been a week or more since I’d been able to do anything with them. That workout was one of the first ones where Rajiyyah focused on me and wasn’t acting like an child with attention-deficit disorder: trot? okay, I’ll trot… but there’s a birdie! The difference? I quit using the lunge whip.

When I worked her on Sunday, I did an experiment. For most of our workout, the lunge whip stayed on the ground I and used the end of the lunge line to make noise. She was awesome. Relaxed, laid back. The second I picked up the lunge whip, her body language changed. She was nervous, her tail came up, and she looked at me sideways. Whip set back down and she relaxed. Interesting.

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