The vet came out today around noon and saw Prize. She was much lamer today than she was yesterday. We added extra bedding to her stall for some extra padding. She still just looked like she hurt, poor girl.

The vet had some good news: he’s almost 100% sure it’s not laminitis (yay!). He thinks she has an abscess that is coming to the surface. Hoof testers on the bottom of her hoof showed one localized sensitive spot that she consistently reacted to. If it was laminitis, she would have reacted on more than one foot most likely and it would have been spread throughout the toe of her foot. Her feet are so dry it may take a while for the abscess to come to the surface.

For the nxt few days, we’re going to soak Prize’s front left foot in hot water and keep it wrapped to help add moisture to it. We’re using ichthyamol on the sole. The farrier comes tomorrow. He might be able to do something with it. We will see what happens.

At least we know what it is and it isn’t laminitis.


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