I went out and saw Rajiyyah today. She is definitely looking better. She has filled out — she is well muscled over her hips and shoulders. Her coat is thick and winterized, although she will start shedding out soon.

She is such a character. We had snow for an entire weekend, so she spent more time up then she did out. She let us know she was unhappy with her situation by pooping in her bucket every night until she was allowed out for a full day. Silly mare.

She’s taken to picking things up in the field and running around with them. Heaven forbid if you leave a bucket out in the pasture! The sound of it hitting the ground will let you know she is playing.

She is currently out with three other mares in the front pasture: a big chestnut Quarter Horse (Red), a Warmblood (Tibby), and a black Thoroughbred. Red is about Rajiyyah’s age. They became fast friends and have races around the pasture up and down the hills.

Rajiyyah is having a blast getting out, grazing, and getting to really run. She seems to have settled in very well.

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