My vet is awesome. She has been keeping me updated on how Kasane is doing. She’s had her hocks lavaged twice she since arrived at the hospital. She’s done well both times. Today, the joint was not as distended. 

Here’s what my vet said: 

The joint fluid has some blood in it from the synovial lining. The cytology test results from the joint fluid sample had many neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes as well as some bacteria. She sent a culture off and is waiting on results. Kasane had a regional limb perfusion with antibiotics in the soft tissue of her hock. She also had another lavage. 

She wasn’t drinking as much as normal, so I am going to bring out some molasses and apple cider vinegar to try adding that to her water. Tomorrow I will bring out a 5-gallon container of water from the farm so she could have some regular water. It’s very unusual for her to not drink. Poor girl also was tubed with water and electrolytes. 

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