Some good news at least. Isis is still only showing mild symptoms. We’re going to start her on Marquis (oh-my-god-expensive EPM treatment) for a month and then retest her for EPM titers. If everything goes well, the treatments should only be needed once. If the titers are positive, we may have to repeat the Marquis treatment.

Isis is going to be on banomine (anti-inflammatory good for soft tissue) until Friday or Saturday, whenever the Marquis prescription arrives. The banomine should help control any swelling until she can be started on Marquis. Her banomine dose will start at 1,000 pounds and then be reduced to half that on Friday and Saturday morning. Her last dose will coincide with her first dose of Marquis.

My vet said that when Isis had her episode on 12 June, the vet thought EPM was very low on the list because of Isis’ acute onset and quick recovery. She said it was the strangest case she had ever seen. (Which fits in with the way Isis seems to do things — spectacular onset and then a near-miraculous recovery.)

Here’s hoping…

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