The vet said that the lumps on Isis’ sides might be three things: allergic reaction that turned into hard bumps, sarcoids, or lymphoma. The vet gave Isis a local pain block so the lump on her right side could be biopsied. The test results should come back in two weeks.

The biopsy site has two stitches in it. No real special care for it: just Swat around the wound to keep flies away. She can’t be worked for 10 days. Maybe a bare back ride at a walk after 5-7 days. Otherwise, she’s on rest.

Meanwhile, the stitches will take about the same amount of time to heal. No treatment for the lumps until we know what the lumps actually are. Here are possible options:

  • allergic reaction: possibly inject the lumps with a steroid or just leave them be.
  • sarcoid: Just leave them be.
  • lymphoma: Isis goes onto a progesterone therapy like Regumate for the rest of
    her life. Lymphoma can not be cure: it becomes a management issue. Regumate is expensive.

So I am feeling really deflated and down. I know there is nothing to do until the test results come in.

Waiting sucks.

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