I just talked to the vet. He said that the toxins in Isis’ system are gone (yay!). Unfortunately, her small intestines still aren’t showing any motility. It may take several days for motility to return. It’s not unusual for intestines that were as badly damaged as hers to take a few days to recover. The vet said he’s seen this before. Right now, she is static: mobility isn’t present, but at least she isn’t getting worse. There is a possibility that motility won’t return; but it is too early to know.

Poor Isis had the nose tube put back in last night; she won’t be happy about that. He said they are going to start taking her for walks and just let her get out for a while.

On a good financial note… The insurance company said that they can process partial bills. So if I get an itemized bill for the current charges, the insurance company can start processing (and hopefully have a check to me that I can turn over without having to take out a loan).

The reduced toxins mean less chance of laminitis. Also, the vet said that the digital pulse is something to watch but wasn’t too worrisome. A fluxuating digital pulse could be an indication just of the stress she’s been through. A steady digital pulse could indicate something more serious.

The vet said that she’s a fighter and she’s a very sweet mare. He knows how to get on my good side. 🙂

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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