It had only been eight weeks since the mares had been trimmed. Last week their feet looked okay. Friday their feet in serious need of a trim.

The farrier took off almost half an inch from both girls’ feet during the trim. Very impressive. Rajiyyah’s feet had grown so much that the hoof wall had overgrown the shoe. Here you can see Rajiyyah’s right foot nearly trimmed compared to her left foot which hadn’t been done yet.


Kasane’s feet were also very long. She takes special preparation before she’s shod. The farrier and I do everything we can to make sure she has a good, safe experience. She gets a tube of Quitex 1-2 hours before she’s done and she gets worked in the ring so she has a chance to get rid of excess energy. (Nothing like asking an energetic horse being asked to stand still without fidget-fidget-fidget.) She was feeling very relaxed and mellow during the shoeing. She pulled her front right once while a nail was sticking out (which could have been nasty, but luckily no one was hurt). That was it and she had sparkly shoes on her little double ought feet.


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