Isis will (eventually) start lessons just like Logan has. He’s been doing very well and has been a real champ about it. He’s so much more fun to ride now.

Yesterday I lunged both Isis and Logan. Friday Isis had a full workout with a nice bath. Saturday was Logan’s turn for the majority of attention. It had been severl weeks since I’d done much with him. He saw the bit and actually wrapped his mouth around it immediately (normally it takes a minute or more to get him to open his mouth wide enough for the bit). That was amazing. He was definitely ready to work!

Logan was lunged in the surcingle and side-reins for about 30-45 minutes. He did very well. It’s amazing to see him start out with his head up and his back hollowed and then towards the end of the workout, his head is down, his back is lifted, and he’s getitng his legs underneath him. It’s like watching an entirely different horse move. Lovely to see. After cooling him off, he enjoyed a solid scrubbing and bath. Little pristine booger went out and rolled while I was lunging Isis.

Isis is still on a slow build-up regimen to regain some of her strength. Instead of using the surcingle and side-reins, Isis was free-lunged in the big arena. As usual, she had a few times around to run and play before we got in to work. She settled right in and did 20 minutee of walk and trot with push-button ease. She was great.

I was so pleased with both of them that I called my riding instructor to update her on their progress. She was delighted — and then asked if I would like to take one of the horses on a trail ride. Sure, I thought, I’ll have a few days, maybe a week to get them ready and myself mentally prepared… No such luck.

The trail ride is tomorrow morning!

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