Kasane’s first trail ride. I’m nervous and worried and excited at the same time. We had a good ride today, even though this was the first time she gave me some grief while I was on her. At one point, we stopped near the gait and I asked her to walk forward. She refused, pinned her ears, tightened the muscles along her back and neck, and tried to bite my foot. I turned her around and pushed her forward (took some doing because she tried to backup). We worked through it and kept her going.

It was a good thing because it proved we can figure out how to get around situations. She doesn’t know a lot of stuff and it’s hard for her to figure it out. She knows the words walk and whoa, but isn’t quite sure of when I squeeze with my legs. Lots of stuff we need to work on. She’s very willing go try it.

I think she got really bored today and let me know. No more walking around the ring. She wants to do stuff.

Tomorrow we will. I’ll have either good tales or scary ones.

I’m writing on the blog because I’m nervous. Funny how that works. Watching the kitties curl up on the desk or ask to for the laser pointer to come out and play. I should be in bed. I have to be up early and at the barn.

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