We finally know what is going on with Kasane. My regular vet was out today and used an ultrasound machine on Kasane’s leg. There is a tendon that goes through the point of the shoulder on a horse. The X-rays showed that Kasane did something to damage this area. The tendon is inflamed and will need about a month or so to heal. She probably also pinched a nerve on top of that.

Comparison between left point of shoulder tendon and right shoulder (on the right).

My vet was very happy to see how well Kasane is moving today. In the first two or three days, Kasane would draft to the right when she walked. Probably because her front right leg wasn’t stable and she was having trouble moving it. That seems to have mostly resolved.

The current plan is to have Kasane back in her regular paddock instead of the one behind the barn. She’s very calm in there and will have her regular surroundings. We will keep her on the Ulcer Gard for two weeks to protect her stomach while she is on bute (pain killer) for the next few days.

We will recheck in three weeks.

I never thought I would be so happy to have something “just” be tendon damage. This, I can deal with. She’ll have as much time as she needs to heal and then we’ll bring her back into work slowly and carefully. Just like we did last year after her hock issues.

What is it about this time of year? Last year at this time, we were dealing with her hock issues. Two years before that, she had her suspensory ligament damage.

It really does make me said though. She was doing so incredibly well in her lessons and now she’s going to lose all of that muscling and fitness. It will be months before we are back at that level. But that’s okay. We will get it back and then keep on going.

She gave me a miracle.

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