I worked both of the girls today. Ah, sanity! I drove up and Isis knickered at me. Walking into the barn, both girls whinneyed for me. That was a treat: first time they have both called for me.

I should have been sewing. Had to see the girls and play with them for a little while. Some times you just have to have sanity time… All of the troubles of the world fade away when I touch Isis. Something about being out there with her is just intensely peaceful.

Rajiyyah was awesome. We’ve learned a new trick when we’re working together: let her get all of the kinks out first. For the last two times we’ve worked, I’ve let her run around the ring while I’ve set up jumps or ground poles. She usually takes off and gallops for about five minutes. When she is finished playing, she starts trotting near me or around me. Once she even stopped right in front of me. (Such a good girl.) We worked on voice commands for a little while — walk, trot, canter, and gait transitions. She did very well.

OH! I also lead Rajiyyah over a jump for the first time. She actually went over it and jumped. She would only go over it if I went first.

The neatest thing? When we were done free lunging, she walked up to me and followed me around for a little while. This was the first time she had done this. It’s important because it means that she is seeing me not only as part of her herd but as a lead mare (and someone she can trust). Great progress. =)

It’s amazing how focused she is when she is huffing and panting from playing. We were able to accomplish a lot of progress after letting her play. Mom said that she always let Rajiyyah play before working — and now I know why.

I’ve often let Isis play in the same way. She ripped around the ring for a little while and then started trotting. I set up a ground pole between the jump standard and the fence. Every time Isis went over the ground pole, she would either jump it at a trot or she would do this amazing four-footed-lift and skip over it at a canter. Amazing. She did very well. We did transitions and also worked on some in-hand exercises for a sport horse in-hand class. She would be great in that.

Enough about the girls. I need to go to bed. Happy day.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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