This coming weekend, Kasane will have her second show. Nope, not dressage or hunter or equitation. We’re going to do games: barrel racing, pole bending, and whatever else Horsemasters thinks up. The pictures from this should be like an outtake reel.

I set up obstacles at the barn. Kasane is great at ground poles now. She’ll even jump a little cross rail. Barrel racing she isn’t too sure about. “Why do I have to go around this barrel, Mom?” She does it but she doesn’t see a point to it. Pole bending, though, that she likes. She is very good at shifting and dodging back and forth.

Keep in mind, that these games are normally done at a gallop. We are going along at a blazing trot! Turbo trot, actually, because she is having fun. The extended trot has been new and very nice.

Last weekend, after we completed the barrel racing course and then took the ground poles, she picked up a canter after the last ground pole. She has the loveliest, silkiest canter. It was balanced and rocking, unhurried. We made a big circle and then I leaned back. She came to a soft stop.

This is one lovely riding horse.

With any luck, I’ll be able to post a glowing report from Saturday’s event stating that Kasane survived the games. 🙂 Knowing her, she’ll snort at anything that scares her and then try to eat it.

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