It was raining when I went to the barn. No riding or working in the rings because of the mud so I spent the afternoon brushing and loving on Rajiyyah and Kasane. They are both shedding their summer coats. Rajiyyah kept nuzzling me over the top of the stall door.

Rajiyyah and Kasane

Both Kasane and Rajiyyah have rain rot. Kasane has it all along her spine from her whithers to her croup. Rajiyyah has it on the back of her white feet. Both of them are looking better, but with all of the rain we’ve had over the past month it’s made it really hard to get under control.

It’s also that time of year when they shed their spring coats and summer coats come in. They get all itchy from shedding and love being groomed. Rajiyyah was a hoot. She kept moving her head to rub exactly where she wanted to be scratched. Mostly along both sides of her neck just behind her head. She turned her head sideways and had her upper lip out twitching. She was in absolute heaven.

Kasane has also been shedding and, like Rajiyyah, gets into being groomed. Her happy-scritchy spot was on her shoulders. If I moved from that spot, she would step backwards or forwards to makes sure I was currying her exactly where she wanted. She was so cute.

There is something meditative grooming the girls. Even if I haven’t been riding much because of my calf and their rain rot, being able to spend time with them has improved our rapport.

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