The Amazing Bay Mare(tm) appears to have figured out how to not only get her grazing muzzle off, but also how to pull shoes off within 72 hours of them being glued to her feet. My farrier has applied the shoes twice, and both times she has gotten them off. Best guess is that she is over-reaching, hitting the back of the shoe, and eventually ripping them off.

The first set of shoes came off almost immediately. One was found in her stall, the other in the pasture after mowing. The second time the shoes were lose within 36 hours. A day after the shoes were applied, I went to the barn. The barn manager, with a very straight face, told me that her shoes were off again. I nearly fainted. Not a good joke after working so hard to keep them on. He joked that maybe I should use some duct tape to keep the shoes one… After I brought her in from the pasture, cleaning her feet revealed that the shoes were indeed loose. So I took his advice, and duct taped the back of the shoes. Repeating this kept the shoes on for an additional three days.

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