kasanae-face.jpg I took a friend out to the barn. He had a new Pentax K10D DSLR and wanted to try taking pictures of the horses. He ended up with the picture below of Kasane. It’s probably one of my favourites of her so far. She’s making a face because I’m scratching That Spot on her belly.

The flies are out again, so both girls are wearing their fly masks. Or at least they are turned out with the masks on. Kasane keeps losing her fly mask out in the field. Isis is just annoyed by hers. Two Houdini horses getting out of their various contraptions.

IsisI had brought my own camera, and took some pictures of Isis. Isis is also now wearing her grazing muzzle and her fly mask. She is Not Amused. She walked over to the paddock fence and pestered me to remove something. Normally she asks for her grazing muzzle to be off. This time, as soon as I removed her fly mask she was happy and went back to grazing.

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