I have a gorgeous Victorian side saddle that I’ve had for many years but have never had a horse it properly fit. I bought the side saddle when I was in high school from a man who specialized in antique side saddles. The saddle was in pretty bad shape but the tree was sound. In college, a master saddler restored the saddle and did a beautiful job on it. The saddle is lovely. However, I’ve never been sure about the padding on the tree (lack there of) and of the rigging for the saddle.

Over the Thanksgiving break I took the saddle to the barn and tried it on Kasane. The tree seems to fit her, but I want to take the saddle to the local saddler and have him properly fit it. She is gorgeous in it. We walked around the ring twice with it on her. She was surprisingly good with everything — definite temperament for side saddle.

Gallery of how the side saddle fit on Kasane. I’m not sure about the rigging and I think the tree needs more padding. Luckily the local saddler specializes in antique saddles.

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