What happens whenever you go to the hospital? You come home with a cold. It appears that Kasane may have done just that. On Saturday, I found a great wad of yellow snot on the wall of Kasane’s stall. She hadn’t been in the stall that long, so I thought maybe someone else had used her stall.

Nope. No such luck. Today, the barn called and said that Kasane had white snot in both nostrils. She’s been eating and drinking okay. She seems to be acting normal. She greeted me and was happy to have her apple on Sunday when I was at the barn. No change in attitude that indicates she is not feeling well.

We’re going to take her temperature tonight and see how she is when she comes in for dinner. Poor girl can’t get ahead. If she has a fever (and depending upon it’s severity), then we’ll give her a bute (horse aspirin) and call the vet in the morning.

Update: No fever tonight! Her temp was 99.4F, which is perfectly normal.

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