At 8:00 AM this morning, my cell phone rang. Remember those calls I was dreading last week? Well I got one today. Isis had a mild colic episode this morning. It was easily resolved and treated. However, the bout could indicate other problems are developing– including adhesions. He is going to scope her this afternoon and then let me know.

She will not be coming home today.

If it is adhesions, that would be bad. Adhesions are caused by the handling of her small intestings. It’s basically like sticky scar tissue that can stick to other organs or to the abdominal wall. One of the side effects can mean that she always has recurrent colic (severity determined by how much the adhesions impact the flow of food through her digestive system).

She is off of food again and will be reintroduced to it one more time. The reintroduction of food was so slow and careful I’m surprised that there was an issue. She wasn’t on dry hay until yesterday. Maybe that has something to do with it?

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