Ever since I sold Prize, I have felt guilty over what happened. To say I berated myself is an understatement. I felt like I had let down my horse. I had promised Prize I would never sell her, and then I had to. I swore that I would do everything I could to prevent that same thing from happening again. When you sell a horse in desperate circumstances, you have less control over who or where she goes. Apparently, she ended up in good homes with people who loved her and cared for her. She was incredibly lucky.

I called Prize’s current owner last night. Prize is at a barn that is on the way from my house to the barn where Isis and Kasane are. It turns out that Rody’s daughter had Prize for the past six years. She did everything with Prize: driving, hunter pace, anything. Rody said that Prize is amazing and complemented the training I did with Prize. (Well, we really trained each other.) I was delighted.

Since Rody’s daughter is in college (and currently overseas), they are looking for someone to come out and spend some time with Prize. Rody thought I would be a good choice, if I was in the area. She tracked me down through the letter I had sent when I first sold Prize. That letter was passed from owner to owner wtih Prize for 12 years.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. Like I have been given a chance to make amends and see that Prize is okay.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that happens.

This Sunday, I get to see Prize at 2:30.

I’m still in shock.

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