Once my house chores were done (yay leaf raking), I went to the barn for some fun times with the kids. I thought it was only 3:30 when I got out there, but apparently it was 4:30. I took my time tacking Rajiyyah up. I had every intention of riding her, except it started getting dark. The good Grey Mare had her saddle, bridel, side reins, and lunge line on. We lunged at the trot at the far end of the ring. One of the other boarders was working her gelding at the same time.

Rajiyyah really seems to like being worked when there is another horse in the ring. She is calmer and pays more attention. Maybe she just needs the security blanket. This was the first time she collected on the lunge line. She raised her belling, her legs got underneath her, and she looked relaxed and free moving. I was really tickled! It’s such a far cry from when she was ouchy on her back and didn’t want to move forward at all.

I didn’t get to ride her because it started getting dark. She was also so good I didn’t want to take a chance at getting on her and then having something come up and having to fight her over it at night (with no lights).

After I worked Rajiyyah, I lunged Isis. This was the first time on the lunge line since her surgery. The back shoes she has on are making such a huge difference! She isn’t stumbling on her back feet any more. Yay shoes! Isis was awesome. It is so nice to work with her again. I just think something and she does it. We did mostly walk trot. Her muscles are coming back. She has muscling over her hips now and her back is not looking so hollow. She still has a distended gut–she looks like a wormy, starved horse.

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