I’m on a mailing list for owners of horses who are insulin resistant and/or have Cushings. These can be very serious conditions for horses if left untreated. These metabolic conditions can not be cured, only managed. Isis has insulin resistance and so far we’ve kept her well managed. We have been lucky. She had two cases of laminitis back to back (side effects of the insulin resistance) but neither episode left much damage. In fact this past trim, the farrier said if she didn’t know Isis’ history she would be able to tell that Isis had had laminitis in the past. Amazing.

I feel truly blessed to have Isis still. Last summer when she colicked was the closest I’ve come to losing her. It was devastating to even have to consider preparing to make that kind of decision.

I just read several women’s accounts of how they just had to put their horses down. It was gut wrenching. It is like losing a child or a family member. I can almost imagine what they are going through because I was almost there last year.

To those brave women who have to face this, may your horse find greener pastures and run free. They and the rest of your herd will be waiting for you when you cross over.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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