This morning I was in a good mood. I hadn’t heard from the vet clinic — and no news is good news. As soon as I walked into the clinic, the vet said that she was just about to call me. Isis had had a minor colic episode that morning. Not much, but enough to cause concern. If the colic worsened or she didn’t respond to pain medications, then we would have to examine what might be causing her pain. If we had to go back in for another surgery, would we have an option of removnig parts of her small intestings (if any of it had died instead of recovered from the surgery)? The vet gently let me know that I have to make a decision that would break my heart. She wasn’t saying it would even happen; just that I needed to be prepared in case it had.

I never thought I might lose Isis to anything except either laminitis or old age. Colic simply never entered the picture. She had been through a lot of stressful events and had never become upset. How could the mare who had been through laminitis twice, pulled tendons, full-body rainrot, and fly-bit sensitivity possibly have something else that she couldn’t deal with? She’s a strong resliant mare. She is also very gentle and loving.

I had to step back outside of the clinic. I couldn’t sit there and look at Isis and process the possibility that I might have to decide to put her to sleep. Even now, typing these words, it is something from which I shy away. If it would be best for her, I could make that decision. Just not right now when she seemed to be doing well…

I called my Mom and then my best friend, both times in tears. I didn’t know what to do, except that I had to process and calm down. They both helped calm me down. Seanachais even came out to the clinic and spent the day with me. I would have been a basket case with out her there. She’s been through similar things with her horses, including losing some to colic. She knew exactly what I was going through. She’s been out to ride Isis several times and knows her pretty well.

The vets managed Isis’ mild colic this morning and gave her a pain killer that seemed to help her a lot. A side-effect of this pain medication was that she became agitated and paced, which kinked up the IV line several times. Eventually, she calmed down.

Mel eventually dragged me out for something to eat. She knew I hadn’t been eating much. I couldn’t keep anything down and I had lost my appetite pretty early on in this affair. Some times you’re just too stressed to be able to eat. (Not a good diet plan.) We did some shopping and went out to see Rajiyyah. Something reassuring about seeing a healthy horse and being able be reminded that not every horse ends up in the hospital.

Isis had seven visitors today. 🙂 She has quite a fan club. The farm owners came out to see her. One of our boarders who is a vet student also dropped by. Another one of the boarders was on call at the vet hospital and kept an eye on Isis over Saturday night. The Bay Wonder Mare is definitely being watched over.

Tonight she was quiet and seemed to be resting. She still doesn’t have much motility in her small intestines, and this is worrisome. We’re also worried about whether how her small intestines are (or are not) healing. If her sections of her small intestines start dying because of the trauma from the colic, things may become quite grim.

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