The kids were great tonight. Even with the threat of rain on the drive to the barn, it was dry at the barn. I worked Rajiyyah first with the surcingle and reins. For the first time she focused on me and paid attention. Very good workout. She was mellow and happy.

Isis was next. I didn’t havemuch time before it got dark, so we briefly free lunged. She jumped the ground pole five times. Cleared it three times while going to the right likeit was a two foot high jump with a three foot spread. She launched herself over it, went around the ring, and took it again. She had a ball.

After lunging her briefly, I got on her bareback. I usually don’t ride when I’m at the barn by myself. If something happens no one would be there to help me. I couldn’t resist. I slid onto her back from the fence and we walked around in the halter and leadrope for reins. We worked on listening to subtle seat/leg movements. It’s cool to ride a horse and not need your reins.

I love my horses. It felt so good to see them.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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