To be sore enough so you can’t walk, take riding lessons! Join the few, the proud, the walks-like-a-cowboy crew! And grin like a fool while you’re doing it!

I’ve had my third lesson in as many months and it’s a blast! My friends look at me funny like, “I thought you knew how to ride?” And yes, I do, but it never hurts to hone your skills, especially if you are planning on showing horses.

Riding is like riding a bike; you don’t forget. However, you do lose muscle tone quickly when you don’t use it. The day after a riding lesson really reminds those muscles just how out of shape they are. When I come into work walking very carefully, my coworkers grin and ask if I went riding.

My next lesson is Wednesday. I’m going to ride a Warmblood who is taller than me!

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Kim (Ceffyl)

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