I know I should be taking it easy with my knee and evrything, but some times you can’t keep a girl down. I had a riding lesson today on Isis. I was out at the barn by about 10:00 AM and met the other two ladies who were also riding. (Two sisters who own two Belgian/Thoroughbred horses who are brothers by the same sire.) They went first, so I had about two hours before my lesson. Rajiyyah had a good bath and the tack rooms were (finally) cleaned.

Isis and I rode for over an hour. We focused on bending, which is the foundation of collection. She had definitely improved and had figured out cues that we were asking. It was cool to feel Isis suddenly “get” what I was asking and how her body shifted. It’s been really useful having someone who can point out things that I”m doing wrong.

Towards the end of the lesson we cantered for the first time with the new instructor. Isis even stayed bent during (most) of the canter! I was really pleased with her.

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