May 10, 2010

Riding lesson translates to regular riding

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I had a riding lesson up at Mom’s on Saturday. I rode Piccolo (Hanoverian warmblood schoolmaster horse) in a dressage lesson with Lauara, one of Mom’s new instructors. She was very good. She explained how to do a half-pass properly by pushing with my inside leg every time I felt his inside back leg move (i.e., when his belly swung towards the outside). She had me cantering this huge warm blood without any trouble. It is so nice to ride a horse who knows more than me. Really a good lesson.

Afterward, we tried to get Mom to ride but her hip was acting up. Laura said that only people with quiet hands should ride Piccolo (especially if doing something more than a trot) — the instructors could ride Piccolo and I could. 🙂 I was so tickled. Laura also encouraged Mom to ride Piccolo (anything to get Mom back in the saddle).

Yesterday I rode Isis to see if she would do a half-pass using the cue Laura had taught me. It worked. I know I’ve never taught Isis that. So cool when something just works out of the box.

I also worked Isis at a canter. First time we had done that since before her EPM episode last year. She felt great. 🙂

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