I had a riding lesson today with Isis that went surprisingly well. We rode her first dressage test today (Introductory Test B, a simple walk-trot test). Last time I had ridden something like that was in college (been a looong time). We rode the test three times. The first time was just trying to get through the different movements. She tripped four times during the first run-through. She also pulled against me a lot. Frustrating.

The second time we rode the test, I was more focused and relaxed: we were going to “ride” instead of meander. Her tripping lessened. We still didn’t get the test down, but at least we could maintain the same speed for the trot and (mostly) keep the 20 meter circles round instead of square.

The third time we rode the test she was much better. Whenenver we went from the straight side of the ring into a corner, my instructor pointed out that I should bend Isis into the corners. What a difference that made! Down the last straight side towards the centerline, I pushed her into the corner. As we rounded the corner, she reached underneath herself at the trot as we moved. Amazing to feel her reaching underneath herself.

My instructor was really impressed with the last test we rode. She said Isis had improved a lot — AND she hadn’t tripped at all. My instructor thinks that Isis trips because she isn’t paying attention.

That was good news — because I can keep her occupied (hard, but doable). You have to keep Isis moving and paying attention. So lessons are a good thing.

I was really excited after we did the last test ride.

Isis also had a massage after the lesson. Spa day for the pretty girl. =) The massage therapist said she could definitely tell that Isis was being ridden and worked because her muscle tone had improved. The sore spot where the girth was has almost gone away (yay!) to be replaced by another sore spot on her right side towards her flank. it’s not bad — but at least it isn’t aggravated by the girth.

Tomorrow’s riding lesson is going to focus on jumping and more flat work in the dressage ring. I’ll let you know how she does tomorrow.

I am supposed to have dinner with family on Thursday. I may have to skip it if the weather is not going to be nice on Friday. I have to get in more rides before the show…

It’s supposed to rain on Friday and Saturday (arg). Not sure if there will be a rain date.

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