DSCN0868.JPGI rode twice over the weekend in the Courbette Magic dressage saddle. Both times, Isis and I had really good, productive rides. She is more responsive to my leg (longer stirrups, legs in right place… yup).

The more I ride in it, the more I like it. One of the ladies at the barn mentioned that she thought the saddle looked a little high in the withers. It doesn’t feel that way when I sit in it, though.

I feel secure in the saddle. The treated leather is a little grippy against my legs, so it provides extra support and stability. Isis also moves out well — much better than she does in her Zaldi all purpose saddle.

I took pictures of how the saddle fits on Isis’ back and of the pad’s sweat marks after an 1.5 hour ride.

I called Trumbell Mountain Tack Shop back. They were great: very knowledgeable about saddle fitting. The sales staff looked at the pictures I posted. Overall, they like the fit of the saddle. I should take another series of pictures with me sitting in the saddle. I’ve been given an extended saddle trial period, too. Awesome.

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