I finally feel like I have enough energy to start writing and riding for fun again. Kasane’s rehab took the majority of my energy last year. On top of that, things at my old position became…less than optimal. While I enjoyed everyone I worked with, the last reorganization ended up in my position changing from what I loved to something intensely frustrating. I did what I could from within the position to work with it, but there are times when you can’t correct the context then you have to remove yourself from it. So I did.

I started a new job in November writing about OpenStack at Red Hat. It has been such an eye-opener finally being in a business culture that fits my own outlook. (Yay for Open Culture!) I’m working on a team of talented, intensely geeky writers (my people!). The technology is fun, if somewhat daunting to learn. Drinking from the firehose metaphor is very appropriate.

After being in my position three weeks, I was asked if I like to travel. Yup, sure do. They sent me to a team meeting in Israel! I still have to write up that trip. It was amazing. Best of all, I got to meet our team members that I’ll be working with face to face instead of just on the usual video conferences.

It’s been a topsy-turvy year, but ultimately it ended up fantastic because of Kasane’s recovery and return to work and my new job.

I’ve been feeling pretty blessed this year after so many months of worry and stress, both equine and professional.

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