Have you ever lost a family member? A family member whose impact and friendship was felt most keenly once he or she was no longer there. The same is true when a horse at a boarding stable dies.

My mare’s pasture-mate, Zargo, died early Saturday morning. He was fine, and then 30 minutes later, he was down… His owner did everything she could.

Here’s to the big Grey Gentleman, the stately senior gelding who put up with my mare’s temper for two years, whose little quirks about the grazing muzzles he and Isis both wore always brought a laugh. When Zargo and his mommy were riding, they were a real team. One afternoon, I sat and watched them ride in the ring: walk, trot, canter, countercanter, flying lead changes… They made it look effortless.

Rest in peace, Zargo. May you find sweet pastures and crisp water, and nicker for your mommy when you next see her. She misses you terribly. We all do.

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Kim (Ceffyl)

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