Isis’ new shoes arrived today. They were more expensive than the last pair of shoes I bought for me. Regular steel horse shoes cost about $4 each; these were $14.50 each. When you are used to the burnished silver of regular horse shoes, seeing translucent green and yellow shoes is a bit of a shock.

Isis has Easy Walker horse shoes for her spiffy feet. Think sneakers for horses. Horse shoes even have tred patterns. How strange.

However, they are supposed to be ideal for horses with lameness issues (like laminitis and navicular) because the shoes support the horse’s feet and are able to flex with the hoof. The shoes are also breatheable, so they don’t interfere with the delicate balance of tissue on the bottom of the hoof.

Overall, the shoes sound great. We’re going to glue the shoes on using Vettec Adhere, a relatively thick glue that will hold the shoe on and also provide some additional cushioning for the shoe against the hoof. Because Isis’ feet have to be trimmed every three weeks, using nails would be too stressful on her feet. Here’s hoping the glue holds the shoes in place!

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