Both girls have rain rot really bad and it’s driving me nuts. Kasane’s back is so sore from rain rot that she flinches when my finger tips lightly touch her. Poor baby.

The dew poisoning on Rajiyyah’s legs are at least looking better. The scabs still hurt even when I’m gently cleaning or putting salve on them. She holds up her back leg and moves it forward then reaches around her head to watch me. She doesn’t try to kick, she’s just letting me know it hurts.

The best treatment I’ve found has been using Monistat 3 day treatment anti-yeast infection cream (yup, you heard that right) and then putting Fungasol ointment on top of it to help keep the rain rot out and soften up the scabs. Rinse and repeat every day on their feet and every other day on their back.

In the past 90 days, we’ve had twice the amount of rain we usually have with no sign of stopping. We haven’t had enough dry days to let the rain rot heal. Instead, I get it just a little under control and then it comes back. We’re in a staying pattern.

I’m just thankful that Rajiyyah and Kasane don’t get the level of stuff that Isis used to.

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