Prize has settled in very well. She’s still in a paddock by herself, but always next to other mares so she has company. We’re going to try her with Kasane and Katie soon and see how they get along. Maybe this weekend, if it doesn’t rain.

Last weekend, I rode Prize for the first time in ages (yup, halter and lead rope, of course). Funny how your rump remembers where to sit and how to ride a horse’s gaits after so many years. 🙂

Chris (barn manager/owner) and I have been working together with Prize to make sure we’re using the same cues and commands. It is an interesting process figuring out how to teach someone cues that are second nature.

Prize remembers all of the stuff! Little things that I do with Isis and Kasane (and all started with Prize) that are so automatic now were things Prize and I figured out together.

So much fun having the girls together. This was the first time I rode all three girls over the weekend and on Monday night. I’m going to be sore.

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