It has been almost exactly one year since I got to see Prize for the first time in 12+ years. Since then, I’ve been out to visit Prize a few times. Last time she even nickered at me.

Last weekend, I met Gena, Prize’s current owner, and her Mom, Rody. (I’ve met Rody several times.) They are great people and have such love for Prize. They met me at the Isis’ and Kasane’s barn to see what it’s like there. Both Gena and Rody were impressed and really liked the barn and the people. I also really like them both.

This is where it turns into a fairy tale (Gena’s words). Gena and Rody are blessing me by giving me Prize. (It is through the generosity of Jon and Chris at the barn that this is even possible.) Prize will most likely arrive this weekend. I know how hard it is giving up Prize. I cried for weeks and never got over feeling guilty about having to sell Prize to pay for back board. (Yay bad post-college financial management! Not.)

I am almost in tears thinking about having Prize back home. The Original Bay Wonder Mare home with the other two Bay Wonder Mares. (How odd is it that since Prize, I have had only owned bay mares with three white socks?)

I know how difficult it is for Gena and Rody and I will do everything I can to take care of this grand old mare. She will have love and lessons with people discovering horses for the first time. And lots of pampering.

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