Horse camp! Kasane and I are going to Horsemasters Horse Camp! We went last year and had a ball. She was amazing and we learned a lot. Camp is only three weeks away and I’ve been working on getting myself and Kasane in shape. We’ve upped the number of rides per week. We’ve made huge progress in our work (just what we’ve learned about trotting and cantering could be a bunch of posts).

The coolest thing about camp this year is that my mom is going with me! Since she moved to North Carolina, she has been riding Rajiyyah and doing very well. It has been awesome to be able to ride with Mom. She has made great strides in her riding.

Last year at camp, one of the jumping instructors said that Kasane could teach me. She could give me confidence. In some cases she has, although I still have anxiety about jumping even small stuff. I’m working on that, too, in lessons. My current home work is to trot over a ground pole without rushing it.

She is such a cool horse to ride. For a while, it was difficult for us to pick up and maintain the correct lead at the canter. She would switch leads, some times on the front or on the back. Her lead changes were due to subtle shifts in my position. Looking down was enough of a weight shift for her to roll into a canter if we were trotting. She is so sensitive to my position and cues that she pushes me to be a better rider. Flying lead change will not be a problem for her.

Woohoo camp!

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