Yesterday, as I was driving out to the barn, I was afraid that Isis was having another EPM episode that was causing her to lose control over the muscles in charge of swallowing. I had no idea how bad she would be or what the vet might say.

When the vet arrived, she sedated Isis and then tubed her. (Tubing goes up the nose and down the throat. It’s used for worming, seeing what a horse might have in their stomach, and in this case, pushing water down to help clear the blockage.) It only took a minute to clear. The vet was very pleased.

Here’s the run down: The vet said that Isis was not having another episode of EPM. The stress from the choke had triggered swelling or agitation or something around the nerves that had been damaged during her June EPM episode. The nerves haven’t healed yet so any stress could trigger the same type of symptoms she exhibited in June. (Because nerves can take 1-5 years to heal, no shows or clinics until a full year goes by. And then only gradually taking her places and seeing how she responds.) If new symptoms appear, that could mean she has a new case of EPM.

The vet said to continue Isis’ regular work as soon as the neurological symptoms go away (12-24 hours).

Right now, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. The symptoms had not abated when I left the barn. Isis was still wobbly but her vision was back and she was a lot more coordinated than she had been.

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