The chiropractor said to check Kasane’s lameness on her front right leg a week after her adjustment on November 15th. I have very carefully had Kasane on rest: no riding, no rambunctious mornings. She’s been very good about it. We didn’t have a small paddock to turn her out in right now because of two other horses recovering from lameness issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a change in her front leg lameness. The good news is that her rear end no longer has the waddle.

I took two videos to check her lameness four days apart.

Here’s the baseline video from earlier this month:

This video was taken one week after her adjustment. Rear-end waddle is gone but the front right lameness is still present.

The last video was taken 10 days after her adjustment, with the same lameness on the front right. It’s slightly more pronounced in this video since she had been goofing off before the video. That’s what I get for trying to lunge her by myself while taking video.

The vet is going to come back out next week for further evaluation.

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