Rajiyyah was full of herself yesterday. When I lunged her, she kicked up her heels, pranced around, and was a holy terror on the lunge line. After a few minutes she settled down adn we were able to get some productive work done. What a silly girl. Poor thing has rain rot on her hips and her face. I put furacin on it, so now the green goop has turned black with dust. She looked like she has smudges on her face and ears and hips.

She was awesome today. Some of the other girls were at the barn working their horses in the ring. Rajiyyah enjoys being worked when other horses are around. We worked in side reins and with the saddle. She was so good under saddle, too. I was tickled with her. She was happy to have a bath at first. Once the sun went down she started shaking. Her face was so nice and white, except where the black padding on the halter had left a smudge. She looks like she stuck half of her nose up a chimney. Only part of it washed off. Poor kid.

The big news from this weekend? I worked Isis twice. She is doing great! We’re just free lunging right now to help build up her stamina. She’s getting muscles again on her back and hips from being out in the pasture. She and Rajiyyah romp around during the day and play. She is such a delight to work with. I think something and she does it. I’ve really missed her.

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