Anyone who has dealt with hospitals knows the daunting mixture of needing medical care and the dread of finding out how much it will cost. I found that out today after her surgery was over. (Eep!) Just like with people, before she was taken to the veterinary hospital, I had to notify her insurance agent of Isis’ condition, where we were going, vet’s name and number, and related information.

After Isis was in recovery, I spoke with the vets about the estimate and my payment options. I’m very glad that they are willing to work with clients because the estimated costs are several thousand (considerably more than I have handy). I got home tonight feeling slightly panicked. How am I going to pay for all of this?

My Mom reminded me to read Isis’ insurance policy. If everything goes well, it looks like most of her surgical expenses will be covered — except for any potential complications from laminitis. Because she had laminitis in the past, there is a rider on her policy excluding any coverage for laminitis. So long as her recovery goes smoothly and we don’t have any complications, we’re set.

Of course, next year there will probably be a new rider on her policy excluding coverage for colic.

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