You know how YouTube makes recommendations for videos? Today it actually got one recommendation right. In the list of video suggestions, was a full-length documentary called Path of the Horse. This peaked my interest because I’ve enjoyed books by Linda Kohanov (Way of the Horse, Tao of Equus), Kim McElroy, Allen Hamilton (Zen Mind, Zen Horse), Mark Rashiid, and other Natural Horsemanship authors.

The description from the video says: “The Path of the Horse’ documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships. Join former horse trainer Stormy May as she travels the world to interview today’s leading horsemanship teachers and visionaries; Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick, and equine artist Kim McElroy.”

I watched this video before I went out to the barn and it was exactly the reminder I needed to focus on the communication and relationship.

Today went really well at the barn with Kasane, but I’ll have to write it up later.

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