Triangle Horse Sports is having a sale this weekend. Not just any sale, but a Stubben bridle for $50 type of sale. (These bridles normally run $200-$500.) None of the bridles were the right size for my mares. I found one, but after careful thinking (and much “but it’s a Stubben!” reasoning), I ended up only buying things for other people at the barn.

The bridle I almost got for my girls (and ended up bringing back for the barn owner) was a havanna (dark brown) Stubben Dublin bridle with a lovely braided browband. Very nice quality. No reins. Here is a picture of a black one with a flash cavesson. Example of a Stubben Dublin from a tack shop in Australia

I’m going back to the sale today to return the second bridle (not nearly as high quality) for a bag of flax and fly wipe.

Another reason to go to a tack sale! This is dangerous…

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