I’m getting so close to being fully healed. It’s like every week there is something that I do that sets me back. After talking with my physical therapist, we decided that the healing would progress better if we removed as many variables as possible. One of those variables is riding. So. He gave me some additional exercises to do.

Most mornings I am not stiff any more. My neck has felt good for quite a while. I’ve had a little bit of tingling in my left elbow. The lowest part of my spine has been sore when I sit in a chair too long. It’s also sore when I ride. Sitting trots take on a whole new world of oddity.

I am so tired of being almost healed. I want to really focus on getting better and then being able to gradually start riding again.

The good side of this is that it is an opportunity to focus on groundwork with Kasane and Rajiyyah. It’s an opportunity to build upon the relationships and to play and learn. I want to come up with a game plan with the girls that will give us something challenging to work on (goals but not expectations).

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