I went out to the barn to ride Kasane tonight. Got the saddle and tack to the ring and then went to the field to bring her in. She was happy to see me and met me at the gate. Her glands behind her jowls and up to her ears were very swollen. She pranced and trotted on the leadrope. No matter what her glands looked like, she obviously felt good and had not lost her appetite. Her temperature was within normal range (101.2). She had a clear discharge from her nose.

The swelling could be an allergy, beginnings of a cold. Who knows? The barn owner did point out something interesting this evening: the only thing new in Kasane’s diet was the addition of flax on Sunday afternoon feeding. She’s been on about 1/4 cup per day since then. That might be enough time to bring up a food allergy. We’re going to cut out the flax tomorrow and see what happens. If Kasane’s glands are still swollen, then she’ll be on antihistamines for a few days to see if that helps.

She also injured the coronary band on the outside of her front right hoof Luckily it looks mostly like a surface cut and didn’t cut through the band. The cut cleaned up well after it was cleaned out with Nolvasan solution/water (Chlorhexidine) and wrapped to keep it clean. The cut should clean up in a few days. No idea what she would have done to her foot.

Kasane fidgeted all evening. When she is teething, she fidgets. When she’s in heat, she fidgets. She is currently doing both. She was pushy and itching her head against the stall door. When I rode on Sunday, Kasane also seemed to have itchy skin.

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