The bay wonder mare has a new companion: Cedars Rajiyyah, the grey wonder mare. I am leasing her from my mom for two years or so. We’ll be working undersaddle, possibly dressage or over fences (if she likes that). Rajiyyah is a bold-moving mare with a gentle, inquisitive disposition. She is a real people horse. The people who had Rajiyyah before me fell in love with her and I’ve promised them I’ll take good care of our “kid.”

Rajiyyah arrived from her cross-country voyage safe and sound on the Monday before Thanksgiving. She is in good health and reasonable weight. Rajiyyah grew up in Las Vegas, in a desert climate without real pasture. Suddenly, she is in Tennessee, home of lush pastures (and dreaded rain rot). Poor little girl was very cold and tired; more than a little surprised to see a goat wandering around the barn. Over the next few days, she settled in to her large stall and warm blanket. She is shedding her thinner coat and is growing a thicker one.

I’ve been working with my vet and trainer to develop a grazing plan for Rajiyyah that will introduce her to the local pastures over several months. So far, the plan is to let her have some time out every day and gradually increase the time.

Some times it is the little things that you don’t think about. Rajiyyah has apparently forgotten about grazing. She will eat grass if you give it to her, but she won’t graze.

She has really won over everyone at the barn. My instructor (and the barn manager) just loves her. She takes her for walks around the barn during the day to get her used to the new sites and sounds.

I’ll post some reasonable pictures as soon as I have them available.

I hope Isis isn’t jealous…

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