I called Mom tonight. She couldn’t talk at the time because she was trying to get Sahra’s (pronounced Sara) foal to nurse. She said he had a colt and then had to hang up.

Sahra’s colt is a brother to my mare, Isis, and an uncle to Rajiyyah. Mom said he is gorgeous: a darker bay, star and a snip, nice dish, great eyes, and lots of personality. She is very pleased with him.

Unfortunately it took him five hours to nurse (even with Mom trying to encourage the baby to the correct spot). This isn’t good. The baby initially nursing helps the mare pass fluids and the baby pass muconium (first feces–stuff that had been held inside the foal’s body during gestation). Mom gave the baby a supplement (don’t remember what it’s called) that makes sure the baby gets colostrum so his immune system is kick started. This is vital — otherwise you’ll have a baby with failure of passive transfer and BIG problems.

Mom also said that Sahra has a hematoma from where the baby had been kicking while being born. She has to keep an eye on Sahra (once an hour every hour all night) to make sure she doesn’t have any problems with it. The vet was already out and helped treat her. The vet is due back out in the morning… Sahra just has to be monitored until that time.

Here’s hoping baby and momma are okay in the morning…

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