April 23, 2004

My mare, my kid

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How to start things off?

Isis Bint Sirdar

My mare came up lame last week on Sunday morning: stiffness, no apparent swelling, ouchy on both front feet. Add that to spring grass coming in and her tendency to put on weight faster then a cheetah bringing down an antelope, and you get the idea.

Yesterday, the vet confirmed my worst fears: laminitis, a serious disease which causes the laminae (interior parts of the hoof) to break down. Basically, in bad cases, part of the inside bone (the very tip of the horse’s leg) sinks because the ties that hold it in place (laminae) deteriorate.

Isis’ case is mild, luckily. With a little rest and weight loss, she should be back to normal. Except what will normal be after this?

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  • Normal will be a svelter, if not as cheerful, Isis. You’ve been a very strict mom, but she is a very intelligent mare. She’s just gonna have to be pissy on a permanently restricted diet. I don’t think there is such a thing as stomach stapling for horses, eh?

  • Svelter is good. Isis with a disposition problem is always …interesting. There are days when she is a real liposuction candidate! Patient as always, and very loving, but boy, if you restrict her food she doesn’t like it. We’ll see how she deals with the grazing muzzle.

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