April 11, 2010

Lunging two horses at one time

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Yesterday I did an experiment: I lunged Isis and Prize together in their paddock (which is also a backup ring). A few nights ago, I did a similar experiment except I lunged one horse at a time and swapped between them with both of them loose in the ring. It worked pretty well. How would it work with both of them being worked at the same time?

Surprisingly it worked out pretty well. Some times it was funny trying to get one to reverse and then the other would decide to go the wrong direction. A couple of times I asked Isis to walk and she’d trot. Once I started recording the show-off came out and she stuck the tail over her back and pranced around. Asking them to whoa while holding a camera was not very successful. I couldn’t give the complete signal because I had the camera in one hand. It did eventually work.

They got along very well during all of it. I’ve been surprised. The two of them have struck up a good friendship — enough that they were standing in one of the stalls together when I arrived. (I don’t remember Isis *ever* standing in the same stall with another horse. Ever.)

Prize is on some joint compounds now and seems to be doing very well on them. She’s on MSM and glucosamine, as well as some Omega 3s (from flax) and trace minerals.

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